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A letter from the PCFF to Prime Minister Olmert, concerning the release of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Gil'ad Shalit.

April 2007

 An open letter to
Mr. Ehud Olmert, Prime Minister of Israel

Re: The release of Palestinian prisoners
At this crucial moment, as we face the need to make a painful and a significant decision of releasing Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Gil'ad Shalit -  
we want to support you in making this right decision.

We, bereaved families, victims of the conflict, some of us due to terrorist attacks, want to stress that no one and no organization owns national bereavement.
No one can stop decision makers from acting to the best of their understanding, to finish Gil'ad Shalit's captivity.
This issue needs to be brought to an end and Gil'ad has to be returned to his suffering family. 

The release of prisoners is a major factor in reconciliation. It is a means of promoting  peace processes. This has been proven over and over again in conflicts such as in Ireland and in South Africa.
These steps diminish hostility. They increase hope in both nations towards ending the conflict. 

We call upon the Israeli government to show responsibility, flexibility and most important humanity, to return Gil'ad Shalit back home and return the Palestinian prisoners back to their families.
This is a rare moment which  should not to be missed, from both National and human perspectives.

Members of "The Parents Circle Families Forum"

April 11th, 2007


*The letter was sent yesterday (11.4.2007) to Prime Minister Olmert and was released to the Israeli press.

Gilad Shalit


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