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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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Forum representative meet king Abdullah

Robi Damelin and Ali Abu Awwad were invited to be present and to speak after the screening of "Encounter Point" in Amman, Jordan. After the screening Princess Alia came to them and hugged them. The former Prime Minister Dr. Majali and his wife, were also present. Dr. Majali said to Robi that the message he just heard from Robi and Ali is the most important massage he had heard in a long time from our area. Dr. Majali invited both of them to participate in a conference that took place in Aqaba few days later. Robi gave princess Alia and Mrs. Majali the Forum's Peace Bracelet
 (which is made by the artist and our member Liat Hirshinzon).

Robi, Ali and Joline(from Just vision) with Dr. Majali.

Robi and Ali with Princess Alia.

The conference in Akaba was about the Saudi initiative. The participants were Jordanians, Palestinians and Israelis, some of them; Knesset members. Dr. Majali opened the conference and then the movie trailer was screened. Afterwards Dr. Majali invited Ali and Robi to speak.

King Abdullah came the next day and spoke at the conference. Robi told us that by the way he spoke about non-violence he could become a PCFF member. Robi went to speak to the king and gave him a copy of the movie and a Peace Bracelet for his wife, queen Rania.

 Robi gives the PCFF Peace Bracelet to king Abdullah.

Ali and Robi went to Jordan after a long visit to the USA. After the opening of the "Offering Reconciliation" exhibit at the World Bank, they were interviewed by the El Jazeera network. The half hour interview will be broadcast on 4.6.2007.

 The movie "Encounter Point" was purchased by El Arabia T.V. network.

Robi Damelin and Nadwa Sarandah were asked to speak in June at a women's Nobel prize winners conference in Ireland.

The Offering Reconciliation exhibit keeps on traveling in the US:
The World Bank, Washington DC: April 30 May 6
Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue WA:  June 7 August 19
United Nations, New York NY: September 1 - 28
Pomegranate Gallery, New York NY: October 4 - 18
SOFA, Chicago IL: November 2-4 

"Peace Bracelets" can be purchase through our website contact. 



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