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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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Israelis and Palestinians saying "yes" to Peace

The PCFF in a Peace Movements event in Tel Aviv

On the 5/6/07 hundreds gathered in Tel Aviv Cinemateque. The event was an initiative of Machsom Watch (Women for Human Rights). Many Peace Movements joined them, among them: the PCFF, Ipcri, Combatants for Peace, Yesh Din, etc.

At the entrance to the area in front of the Cinemateque, a checkpoint was posted. All visitors had to go through it. Actors dressed as soldiers asked for the visitors' I.D. and tried to bring Israelis closer to the daily experience of the Palestinians at the checkpoints. Inside the defined area of the Cinemateque there were many information stands of different Peace Movements. The PCFF stand drew many people to it. Together with the visitors we built our Chinese lanterns with the saying; "It Wont Stop Until We Talk". Some sat down on the floor and made a few lanterns. A mom set down with her baby, and a nice young woman that walked by and decided to enter, came and helped with the lanterns for hours. She lives in Israel next to the Gaza strip.

A student from Brandeis University came and told us that he saw the PCFF "Offering Reconciliation" exhibit in his University. Usually the tension between Jews and Arabs at Brandeis is enormous. He felt that the exhibit brought him some hope.

As in every year, the PCFF speaks every summer to "Taglit" students. At the event "Taglit" students, who will hear us in the next few days, came to our stand.

In the area there was also a stage on which Palestinians and Israelis gave their testimony about what is going on at the checkpoints. On this stage Jona Bargur, our member, spoke about the PCFF and read a wonderful song he wrote about the circle of violence.

During the event, a big screen continuously showed a similar event that was going on simultaneously in Anata. 

At around 19:30 everybody went inside the Cinemateque to watch films about encounters between Israelis and Palestinians. Some of the films showed the difficulties and some were inspiring. The two films that concluded the screening were connected with the PCFF; the trailer of "Encounter Point" and Tal Kfir Shure's movie: "2".

Tal is a PCFF member who lost her sister. In her documented film she shows herself and Shirin Issawi, also a PCFF member, who lost her brother.

When the screening was over people came out to the night and hundreds of "It Wont Stop Until We Talk", Chinese lanterns, all lit, welcomed them.

All were invited to take with them a lantern home.

 Photography: Mashka Litvak


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