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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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Bereaved Families visit students at Beit Berl Seminar

An article from the Panet website and the Panorama newspaper.

Under the headline "Let's rise above the pain and the sorrow", a moving panel with a PCFF representative took place in Beit Berl, yesterday, at the Academic Institute for Arab Teacher Training.,.

Professor Lutafi Mansor, the head of the Institute, spoke about the consequences of war and Arabs effort throughout the history to achieve Peace and Reconciliation. He praised the PCFF families who rise above their wounds and their loss and reach out to the other side.

Nader Abu Tamer who guided the meeting marked the importance of such panels in order to gain understanding of your fellowman. He said that there isn't a competition in pain, and a person, no matter what his religion, identity or nationality are or what were the circumstances of his loss, suffers enormously from it. He said that the PCFF is the only organization that doesn't want any new members. New members mean more bereaved mothers and the PCFF doesn't want any woman to become a widow or any child to become an orphan.

Usama Abu Ayash from Beit Omar was the Palestinian PCFF representative. He indicated that his family lost four people in this conflict. He said that the easy solution is to take revenge at the Israelis, but he believes in the need to try the way of reconciliation and acceptance and to make a fresh start in the two sides' relationship.

The Israeli mother (Zurit Sarig - editor), said that her son was killed in Tul Karem during his military service and she felt she had to stop the tragedy, so that there won't be any more bereaved parents. All we need, she said, is to calm down a little and consider how much longer can we continue this circle of war and bloodshed.

The students were moved by the speakers and some shed tears. They expressed their wish to contribute to the removal of pain from any mother and father in this land.

The students told about their own familie's loss throughout the years and this was a proof of their participation in and empathy towards the pains of humanity.

Dr. Aleb Anbasa indicate how important it is for a person to learn from the experience  of others and to see that the circle of violence requires that more and more victims of the events in the area use their common sense and refrain from speaking during the hour of pain and instead convert the pain into hope.



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