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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

What's New?

Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

Parents Circle members Siham Abu Awwad and Robi Damelin speaking to Al Jazeera after state dept. event!!

Special Envoy Hannah Rosenthal Honors the Work of Parents Circle Families Forum to Fight Hate
Notice to the Press

Nir Oren: "Revenge can prevent life-saving moves"
Media Coverage of Gilad Shalit - prisoner exchange

The Parents Circle--Families Forum is Proud to Present the Cartooning in Conflict Exhibit at SOFA 2011 in Chicago on November 4-6

Blood Relations
The Israeli Palestinian blood donations Project

Shana Tova

Peace Day 2011 – Especially Now!

Today, Cinemateque Square, Tel Aviv

"Fabric of Life and Bereavement" - Some pictures from the opening of the Paper Works Exhibition, Peace Day 2011, 17.9.2011

"Fabric of Life and Bereavement"
Opening of the Paper Works Exhibition of the Women Group of PCFF - Premiere exhibition in Israel, 17-18.9.2011

September 17-18, Cinemateque Square, Tel Aviv

Launching the Blood Relations 14.9.2011 At Sheba Tel-Ha'Shomer Hospital
After sixty years of blood loss, it's time to give blood.

The Israeli Palestinian blood donations Project

Happy Eid ul-Fitr

Ramadan Kareem


History through the Human Eye
June 2011 is a very busy month at the PCFF, with many activities for the Narrative working groups.

The Parents Circle-Families Forum is proud to have been mentioned in President Obama’s Middle East speech

2011 Gwangju Prize For Human Rights Special Award

Reconciliation during a time of conflict
In spring weather and a warm atmosphere, members of the PCFF met for an annual conference held at Everest, Beit Jala.

Grieving Palestinians & Israelis work for peace

Israeli and Palestinian victims break cycle of violence
By Robi Damelin

“… to create a reconciliation framework to be in place for when political agreements are signed”

To our dear Japanese friends


"History Through the Human Eye" Project with the grannies

Justice Ministry closes case of East Jerusalem man shot at point-blank range by police after running over soldiers
Moira Jilani, Ziad's widow, is a PCFF member.

We need your voice Robi
A letter from Samer Anabtawi

It won’t stop until we talk

Our new project "Crack in the Wall" has been accepted to Knight Foundation News Challenge!
If you have a moment, please enter and support our nomination

The Human Rights Award to the PCFF by the Swiss Section of the International Human Rights Association (IGFM), Bern, 27, November 2010.

Personal impressions- Jona Bargur

Nobel Women's Initiative Spotlighting Robi Damelin

The Parents Circle Families Forum in Málaga, Spain
By Aaron Barnea

Friends between enemies
Emel - the muslim lifestyle magazine - Issue 75 December 2010

Opening of the "Cartoons in Conflict" Exhibition - Hamburg
Town Hall- 09.11.2010

“Human Rights Award 2010” to the Parents Circle Families Forum

Public presentation of the Association of Friends of the Parents Circle – Families Forum (PCFF) and opening of the exhibition "Cartoons in Conflict"
Madrid, November 16 at 20 hours at the Foundation "Diario Madrid"

Faith Tends to Humanize Faith
Rabbi Marc Rudolph explores the roots of religious tolerance.

Nir Oren and Mazen Faraj in Barcelona

Arava Institute: “History through the Human Eye”
15 – 16 October, 2010

The Bereaved Families Forum has been awarded the prestigious Gandhi International Peace Award

PCFF's Women met the Nobel Women's Initiative Delegation to Israel and Palestine

The PCFFat the Commemoration of the Monte Sole Massacre
By: Avraham Shomroni

Peacework: to love a stranger
If we, who have paid the highest price can talk to each other, then everyone should be able to.

Foro para el debate sobre la paz en Oriente Próximo
An inrerview with Mr. Aaron Barnea (Spanish)

“Week of Reconciliation”
on the occasion of the visit of Jona Bargur and Suheir Y.M. Allami,Members of the Parents Circle – Families Forum to Hamburg, Germany

An invitation to our British friends
There are a number of events taking place in November, when three members of the Forum will be in the UK. We hope to see many of you at these events.

Round table "Israel-Palestine: from pain to reconciliation" with Nir Oren and Mazen Faraj - 3.11.2010 Barcelona
Spanish follows

Khaled Abu Awwad and Aziz Au Sarah were chosen by “The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre” to the 500 most influential Muslims in 2010.

Parents Circle – Families Forum commemorated International Day of Peace

Bereaved Israeli, Palestinians mark Int'l Peace Day
"We are saying in loud, clear voice to leaders on both sides: Stop making preconditions to negotiations and have an open dialog,” says Faraj.

A letter from Angelo Frammartino Foundation
World Peace Day - 2010

A time to laugh
The guests who came to this year's memorial for Yael Kfir, victim of a 2003 suicide bombing, got a shock when instead of solemn speeches and sad songs, they were treated to a comedy about death and mourning. It was a while before anyone dared to laugh. By Neri Livneh

International Solidarity Prize 2010, for the PCFF
Spanish follows

Thoughts for the High Holidays

Facing Each Other with Merciful Hearts
Israeli and Palestinian teenagers come to Ayabe to do what they cannot do at homen

Arigato gozaimasu – “thank you very much” in Japanese
Enjoying generous Japanese hospitality and a taste of Japanese culture, Israeli and Palestinian youth from the PC-FF get to know each other and become friends. July 2010

Palestinian, Israeli Families: Bring us Peace
WAFA - Palestinian News Agency

Hope for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
By Aziz Abu Sarah

New Jewelery To Support The Parents Circle-Families Forum

PCFF's YouTube channel

The Gandhi Foundation International Peace Award for 2010, is awarded to The Parents Circle Families Forum

Muhaned Abu Awwad, 20, son of Khaled Abu Awwad - the general manager of PCFF and a peace activist himself, was brutally arrested Friday night.