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Muhaned Abu Awwad, 20, son of Khaled Abu Awwad - the general manager of PCFF and a peace activist himself, was brutally arrested Friday night.

 Saturday morning the 23/1/2010, Israeli Army forces raided the house of Khaled Abu Awwad, the Palestinian General Manager of the PCFF. All Khaled's family members, including toddlers, were taken outside into the cold and the house was searched with dogs. At the end of the search, Khaled's oldest son Muhaned was arrested. After the raid, the house remained in chaos. There were even dog feces on the floor.

The PCFF have been active with the Israeli military and the media.

In the past, Muhaned Abu Awwad participated in a camp held in Germany and organized by TARIK (a Palestinian peace organization. TARIK is headed by Muhaned's uncle, Ali Abu Awwad, who is also a member of the PCFF). There were also Israeli teenagers in the camp. Muhaned has also participated in summer camps and has been active in peace activities of the PCFF and other peace organizations since he was a child. He has also hosted Israeli families with his family members in his house, in an effort to change the reality of occupation and hatred.

Muayad, Muhaned's twin brother, was wounded in 2004 by Israeli forces during a demonstration following the death of Arafat. Khaled received the news while lecturing on behalf of the PCFF at a school in Kibbutz "Gesher A ziv" (the lecture was held with Boaz Kitain, the former PCFF Israeli General Manager). A minute after hearing the bad news, Khaled said to the students: "Listen to me. We must'nt lose hope, no matter what. We can't leave the path of reconciliation."

Even now, after the arrest, Khaled continues to say: "We are and always will be a family of peace ".

Israel arrests son of Palestinian peace activist in West Bank raid, By Avi Issacharoff, Haaretz

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Ali Abu Awwad, Muhannad's uncle

Opinions: Palestinian peace activist brutally arrested- testimony. by Nurit Peled Elhanan


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