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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

What's New?

Our new project "Crack in the Wall" has been accepted to Knight Foundation News Challenge!

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About Crack in the Wall:

One Palestinian Speaks, 100,000 Israelis Listen.

One Israeli Speaks, 100,000 Palestinians Listen.

Crack in the Wall (CITW) is an innovative social media project that allows Israelis and Palestinians to engage - to express their views, tell their stories, talk and get to know one another directly.


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 About Knight News Challenge:
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Date:  23/05/2011
Name:  Fouad Jaber
E-mail:  fj1000@aol.com
Courage For Peace
It will take a lot of Courage for Abraham''s children to accept each other through truthful and honest talks. The world has to recognize these people''s sufferings and the injust treatment they recieved. It is time to say hand in hand we will build the new Palestinian State that can coexist with it''s neighbor Israel.

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