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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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September 17-18, Cinemateque Square, Tel Aviv


Just a moment before the debate at the UN General Assembly on a recognition of a Palestinian state, The Israeli-Palestinian Bereaved Families Forum invites you to meet,listen to and talk with the other side. Especially Now! 

17.9 Saturday evening 

19:00 "Fabric of Life and Bereavement"
Opening of the Paper Works Exhibition of the Women Group of PCFF - Premiere exhibition in Israel, following the successful presentation in London 

18.9 Sunday 

16:30 "When Narratives Meet"
Palestinian and Israelis, participants of the Narratives Project, tell about the extraordinary experience they had meeting with the other side

18:00 "Who is afraid of a Palestinian State?" 
A discussion on the implications of a recognition of a Palestinian State on the future of the Region, with: Mr. Koby Huberman; Mr, Shaul Arieli; Mr. Avi Issacharoff; Mr. Ali Abu Awwad. Moderator: Ms. Robi Damelin

20:30 International Peace Day Ceremony
The Ceremony will include conferring of the 2011 Reconciliation Award to members of the "Palestinian Civil Defense" - the Firefighters who assisted in the extinguishing of the big fire at the Carmel, and to "Physicians for Human Rights - Israel"

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This event is made possible by the support of The Italian friends of PCFF; Diakonie Auslandshilfe ;USAID





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