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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

What's New?

"Fabric of Life and Bereavement"

Opening of the Paper Works Exhibition of the Women Group of PCFF - Premiere exhibition in Israel, 17-18.9.2011

The Israeli Palestinian Bereaved Families Forum was established about 15 years ago by families from both sides who lost their dear ones in the conflict. Pain and hope are our motivation. Our aspiration is to stop the bloodshed, to create an atmosphere of tolerance and reconciliation between our two nations and recognize that there are people on both sides who deeply wish to live a life of freedom, security and honor.

 We, bereaved mothers, wives, sisters and daughters believe in our unique and powerful voice and therefore chosen to work together as a group within the forum.

This paper making project is our opportunity to reveal to you our stories, our pain and our prayers for change.

These papers were made with both excitement and difficulty and now we invite you to visit our world with delicate steps.


I have nothing to bring.
 I don't have anything that belonged to my father.
  So I brought red flowers which I took out of the garbage.
 The red frame screams "SOS". It has no life or memories. 
There is only a sense of instability as a result of the grief.
Anthea vax-vardy


My work displays a picture of my brother Saad, leaves of a tree and a notice with the date of his death.  I crushed the notice with the date in order to lessen the pain. The untouched picture is a reminder that my brother is still alive within me and in my memory.  The leaves symbolize nature which I love, and the beauty of the soul.
Hanam and Nisrin sbech



I feel my brother's absence in everyday things, so I brought mainly items that , for me, symbolize home, like onions and garlic  from the kitchen and flowers from the garden.  Each item was partly crushed and partly remained untouched.  I scattered the letters of my brother's name - Eli on top.
This joint work with my daughter Noam and with the Palestinian women moved me to tears.
 Sarik and Noam Burger



I placed a picture of my brother Yusef in the work.  He was as close to me as a sister.  If the soldier who killed Yusef had seen his smile and had lived with us for a few days, he certainly would not have killed him.  I crushed my Mother's prayer dress as a symbol of her personality and her willingness to sacrifice her life for our sake.  I added dust, flowers and grass from the earth.
Sometimes death is a strong reason to value life:  I want to protect my children in this crazy conflict.
 Siham Abu-awad


The basis for my work is a newspaper with a notice of my uncle's arrest, which was the beginning of our tragedy.  I crushed the newspaper since its words have no value.
I added green leaves of sage and lemon, and pictures of childhood because despite the difficult situation under the occupation, I still await and hope for a beautiful life of peace and freedom.
 Aesha Faress


Thank you Netta  for your help in preparing this article.

Old letters, dry flowers from my brother's Memorial, sage leaves.  All these crushed, beautiful, painful.
On top of these, two faded pictures in which I am with my mother and with my brother.  The dry flowers "grow" from within these pictures.
Neta shemesh




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