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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

What's New?

Peace Day 2011 Especially Now!


Around 500 Israelis and Palestinians came to the Tel Aviv Cinemateque square to participate in the Peace Day events held by the Reconciliation Center of the Parents Circle Families Forum.
The first event, held on Saturday evening, was an opening of the Paper Works Exhibition of the PCFF's Women Group, called
"Fabric of Life and Bereavement", where people could look at papers made by Israeli and Palestinian bereaved women out of materials associated with their lost loved ones. These works tell their stories and speak of their hope for change. Six of these women told the audience about the process of making these works together and talked about the message of reconciliation they wanted to bring through these works.


Next day events were opened with a discussion, titled: "When Narratives Meet", with participants from the PCFF Israeli-Palestinian Narrative project, who talked about the extraordinary experience they had meeting with the other side.


As one of them summarized: "We were given a chance to listen to the other side and get to know it better and we found out that they, just like us, want to live together in peace and security".


Our next event was a discussion on the implications of a recognition of a Palestinian State on the future of the Region, with: Mr. Koby Huberman; Mr, Shaul Arieli; Mr. Avi Issacharoff; Mr. Ali Abu Awwad. Moderator: Mr. Aaron Barnea

 "Who is afraid of a Palestinian State?"

The closing event was the International Peace Day Ceremony, were PCFF awarded the 2011 Reconciliation Award to members of the "Palestinian Civil Defense" the firefighters who assisted in the extinguishing of the big fire at the Carmel, and to "Physicians for Human Rights Israel", for their contribution to promoting  reconciliation and cooperation between the two peoples.


These events were also covered by the Israeli, Palestinian and international media which helped in carrying the message of reconciliation to many others.

We thank all those who joined us on Saturday and Sunday .
Many thanks to all the speakers and the artists for taking the time to be with us.



 The Israeli Palestinian "Blood Relations Project" with Robi Damelin and Ali Abu Awwad.


 Photos' by Uri Leshem 


 This event is made possible by the support of: USAID, Diakonie and The Italian Friends of PCFF.

This event is made possible by the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contents are the sole responsibility of the Parents Circle Families Forum and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government





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