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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6


Israeli and Palestinian victims break cycle of violence
Robi Damelin

We need your voice Robi
A letter from Samer Anabtawi

Facing Each Other with Merciful Hearts
Bill Roberts
Israeli and Palestinian teenagers come to Ayabe to do what they cannot do at homen

Hope for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Aziz Abu Sarah
There many reasons to be pessimistic and at times to despair about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Yet even when things look hopeless, hope has a way of appearing, offering a vision of what can be rather than what is. Recently, I caught a glimpse of this hope in an unlikely place the Israeli health care system.

The price of reconciliation
Robi Damelin
Since when does the loss of a child to the conflict make anyone an expert on military maneuvers, or signify expertise on terrorism and its causes?

Saturday's in Captivity
Tal Kfir Schurr
05/14/2010 On Friday in Jerusalem, a group of people met in a protest tent to commemorate the 203 Saturdays Gilad Shalit has been rotting in captivity. Tal Kfir Schurr, a bereaved sister, and a PCFF member spoke at the gathering .

From Frankfurt to London: What is this journey about?
Jonathan Wittenberg
My grandfather, Dr Georg Salzberger, who served as rabbi in Frankfurt from 1910 until the he fled to England with his family in April 1939 recorded in his memoirs that although the interior of the Westendsynagogue was destroyed on Kristallnacht, the Ner Tammid, the Eternal Light, kept burning. People, he noted, took this as a sign and saw it as a miracle.

What next for the peace camp?
Ali Abu Awwad

Reactions to Israeli attack on flotilla
Today I listened with horror to Northern Ireland politicians, lining up to take sides in the aftermath of the horrific death and violence which took place on the flotilla of ships bringing humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.

In response to the recent events
Robi Damelin

Sowing hate and reaping death
Rami Elhanan
The words of Rami Elhanan on the eve of Alternative Remembrance Day of Combatants for Peace.

Happy Independence Day wishes from a Palestinian
Although Palestinian and Israeli narratives are different, our vision for the future can be one.

Educating for Peace and Reconciliation
Bill Thomson, Researcher
Impact Assessment: Evaluating the Dialogue Encounters of the PCFF

The Palestinian-Israeli Peace NGO Annual meeting
Jona Bargur
For the first time, the Palestinian-Israli Peace NGO held its first Bilateral Annual Meeting in Jericho, with the presence of all 100 organizations whom are members, experts in different fields and diplomatic delegates of the area.

Palestinian peace activist brutally arrested- testimony
Prof. Nurit Peled-Elhanan

Leonard Cohen sings for peace
By Roni Hirshenson

Good People
Haroon Aziz

What can Palestinians learn from the American civil rights movement? Appealing to the Jewish conscience
aziz abu-sarah

Tragedy in service of reconciliation
Robi Damelin

Try another way!
Sarit Bargur

Fears on the 6th October
Robi Damelin

"Dance me to the end of love"
Dr. Jonah Bergor
Netanyahu in New - York and Leonard Cohen in Ramat - Gan

The right to live! The Courage to be afraid
by Jona Bargur

Open Letter to those who call Leonard Cohen not to appear in Israel
Roni Hirshenson
The artist Leonard Cohen recently announced his intention to tour in Israel. This message led to the composition of a letter signed by 73 academics (mostly Israeli Jews), calling him to remain faithful to his Buddhist beliefs and not to appear in concert in front of a conquering nation. This letter was distributed by email and also sent to the PCFF. Roni Hirshenson, Vice President of the Israeli branch of Parents Circle- Families Forum, wrote a letter in response:

Nir Oren
We intended to participate in a quiet protest with the citizens of the south- students from Sapir College in Sderot who are active in one of the Parents Circle Bereaved Israeli-Palestinian Families Forum"s project: "Ambassadors of Reconciliation".

When Will They (We) Ever Learn?
Carrie Menkel-Meadow*
On the eve of the Israeli bombing of Hamas sites in Gaza, I returned from the most recent of two trips to Israel and the West Bank. My mission, as a conflict resolution expert, practitioner and teacher, is to facilitate learning about conflict.

War Diary from Sderot
Nomika Zion
A week ago a group of activists from the Forum of Peace NGOs and our own representative, Aaron Barnea travelled down to the town of Sderot near the Gaza border. Not something most people in Israel would do these days because Sderot is still (or rather once again) on the receiving end of improvised Qassam rockets fired from Gaza.

DR. Jona Bargur
A moment after the outbreak of the war it is our duty to stop it; to act for an immediate cease fire in spite of the fact that THEY are to be blamed, since they do not play according to our rules; their rules are to fire missiles into kindergartens, towards city centers and to open fields.

Black, White and Grey
Robi Damelin
How I wish I could view life through certain eyes of black and white, and that this grey picture which insists on coming up tells me that I do not have the monopoly on truth. How I wish I could manage my life with no questions.

"Ladies and Gentlemen: His Excellency the Ambassador of Israel in Warsaw"
Rami Elhanan
Last Thursday evening, the Elhanan family was hosted at the home of the Aramin family, in Anata.A twenty minute ride from Motza, twenty light years away from Jerusalem.

Every right to question
Robi Damelin
To my fellow bereaved parents - especially those who filed their own report last week on the Second Lebanon War: Do you sense the rumblings in the ether hinting that we would do well to keep our noses out of political affairs? That efforts have been made to sideline your report, entitled "How the Courageous Fell"? We must not interfere with the running of the country, they say, just mourn our losses quietly and let the wisdom of Winograd and the other powers-that-be decide Israel's future. In return, the politicians will show up at the graves of our children on Memorial Day and offer endless platitudes about "understanding," pain and collective sacrifice.

Blogthoughts by Rabbi Brant RosenHome About Offering Reconciliation

Robi Damelin
Each day we allow on the deserted ghost-town streets of Hevron, each cremated market place now a shell, each bicycle belonging to the Israeli settler children thrown into a courtyard claiming ownership and each insulting piece of graffiti scrawled on long closed shops, just serves to hammer another nail in the coffin of our collective morality.

Eschewing revenge, station
Daniel Estrin

When will it all end?
Gershon Baskin
An article from the Jerusalem Post

"Will two walk together, except they have agreed?" (Amos 3:3)
Jona Bargur

No more taking sides
Shira Herzog
A remarkable group of Israelis and Palestinians shows that victimhood is not exclusive, says SHIRA HERZOG.

Aaron Hirsh
Written after the PCFF, "Knowing is the Beginning", seminar.

A letter to the Forum members following "Knowing is the beginning" seminar.
Piera Edelman

A call for moderation
Aaron Barnea

Let our children live
Nurit Peled-Elhanan

Fresh lenses trained on ME conflict
Saeed Taji Farouky
A BBC NEWS article

A special letter and a lovely gesture to the BFF from Simona and Marco
Marco and Simona

A letter from Chani- a FBBF(UK) member
Dear friends, Since the beginning of this war, as I watch the terrible destruction and suffering that it causes, I am thinking of our group and have a strong wish to connect with all of you. I hope and pray that your loved ones are safe...

The Myth of Ethics/Morality in War
Aaziz Abu Sarah
Many of us grew up in communities where we were taught how to be moral and ethical. Although every community has its own understanding of what morality means, it is something that people are normally proud to have.

God's Dreams
Jonathan Wittenberg
I arrived at just the wrong time and became an embarrassed witness to a furious family quarrel. My friend's father lost his temper and, marching out of the house, slammed the door behind him with such force that the glass flew out and shattered across the floor. There followed a long silence, filled with fear. Then I heard the sound of weeping. My friend's mother was saying to her children between sobs, 'I didn't want it to be like this for you'. Though I was only ten or eleven at the time, I've never forgotten that scene.

To The Prime Ministers of Israel and Lebanon
Aaron Barnea
Dear Prime Ministers, Noam was my youngest son. In April 12, 1999, five days before being released from his army duties, an explosive activated by a Hizbollah fighter, killed him while carrying his duties as an explosive ordnance disposal expert, near the Beaufort, in Southern Lebanon.

No winners, just broken hearts
Robi Damelin
Listening to the rhetoric of this war reminds me of a sports tournament. We beat them by however many points, or they beat us by however many points. But it is not points we are talking about and there is no trophy. The points are human beings with families and loved ones fleeing their daily lives, sometimes succeeding and sometimes not.

"Families have been notified"
Jona Bargur
Saturday morning, fourth week of war, no name! Around Haifa shells have been dropped at dawn. Miracles occurred in the suburbs of Haifa. The obstinate home- front had learned to listen to the Home Front Command and spend the nights in the apartment's protected areas (APA).

New ConflictSame Price
Aziz Abu Sarah
Today we have war and more war, as though the world were lacking bloodshed, as though the number of victims were not enough.

The Determined Way to Reconciliation
Boaz Kitain
Its Saturday evening. We are sitting with friends on our balcony in Neve-Shalom and watching the sunset over the valley.

Who does this war serve?
Abdessalam Najjar
Human nature relates to situations of conflict as unnatural. We tend to develop various behavioral mechanisms to help us deal with the unnatural situation. There are simple and easy mechanisms, and there are complex and difficult ones.

Parents seek reconciliation
Eric Silver
Eric Silver listens to words of hope

Too used to death
Yona Bargur
Raad al-Batash,8, Mahmoud al-Batash, 15, and a third boy, Ahmed a-Susi, were killed in an air force strike in the Gaza Strip on March 6 that had targeted two wanted Islamic Jihad members.

The Last Good-Bye
Aharon Barnea

We Do Not Have The Right To Stay Silent
Ben Kfir
Speech made by our member, Ben Kfir at the memorial ceremony to the fallen soldiers of the Signal Corps

A Message of Hope
Ghazi Briegieth, 25 April 2004

United for Peace
By Mashka Litvak, March 2004

Speech to the Families Forum
Terje Roed-Larsen
If I ever need to look for a reason as to why I have spent nearly a decade working toward peace in the region then I have to look no further than this courageous gathering.

Both Sides should Start Talking
By Roni Hirshenzon
A letter to the editor