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United for Peace

By Mashka Litvak, March 2004

I never had the courage to write letters to the editor or articles for the newspapers. I am doing it now for the first time out of a sense of calling. From the bottom of my aching, bereaved heart, I hope I can convince others to join us in the Israeli-Palestinian Bereaved Families' Forum for Reconciliation and Peace.

After my brother Arnon was killed in 1970, I decided to become proactive and started my political activity in the late 1970s with one goal in mind reaching peace agreements in the region, so that other families will not have to suffer like we did.

After many years of activity I came to the conclusion that the best place for me was the Israeli-Palestinian Bereaved Families' Forum for Peace. This is where I belong, among my bereaved brothers and sisters, and this is the right podium from which I should try to influence public opinion and the leaders of the two nations to reconcile and make peace.

Our unrelenting fight for peace and the personal example we are setting, as people who have lost their loved ones, is of particular importance in times like these, when many people have lost all hope. We disseminate our message through talks in Israeli and Palestinian schools and in reconciliation meetings we organize with members of both nations, which have both suffered too much pain and bereavement.

My father Moshe and my brother Arnon, who are buried in Kibbutz Negba, were both killed in Israel's wars, because we had no peace. I will do whatever I can so that no other Israeli family has to go through this pain because there is no peace and because of the violence and bloodshed that have become our daily routine.

I have lost my father and brother, but I still have the presence of mind and the energy to continue the fight for peace and for a different reality in my homeland.


Date:  05/11/2004
Name:  jalal khudairy
E-mail:  hisham_jamal2002@yahoo.com
belief in peace
in spite of all horrible thing happen for me and my family in 1967 war my father raise me and all of my brother& sister that violence give us just pain&tears,just. peace give us the comfortable life.all time I hear my father when he pray asking god to give us peace. I lose brother Hisham ana sister Asma in the 1967 war and my sister Salwa lose her leg and I lose natural move in my leg my brother jamalburn his hair my mother wounded in her nek.in spite of all horrible thing happen for me and my family in 1967 war I still believe wat my father instruct us. I believe in peace jut peace

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