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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6


A special letter and a lovely gesture to the BFF from Simona and Marco

Marco and Simona

Dear Friends,
we are a newly married Italian couple. Our names are Simona Sara Carapella and Marco Garrone. We have met two of your members, Aaron Barnea and Ibrahim Khalil, when they visited Torino invited by our University. We had the chance to not only attend their speeches but also walk them around, have dinner and spend a lot of time in conversation. We thus got to know better your association, its attitude and its goals. We since then decided to help you somehow. Now the time has come and the recent news from the Middle East only do strengthen this feeling.
On the occasion of our marriage, in the hope of more enlightened times and in the effort to support you, we have decided to do away with marriage presents and asked all our friends and families to make donations to Parent's Circle instead. We have thus raised about 4200 and now we have to send them.

However, we do not want to stop here. We would like to keep in close contact with you, as all our friends do. Are there any other ways to help you, for example translating documents and so on?
Looking forward to hear from you we heartily wish peace upon all countries
Marco and Simona

August 2006


Date:  01/07/2005
Name:  renee
E-mail:  reneesalt@msn.com

this is an inspiration for us all...Peace and tolerance for all mankind... I will wear this bracelet and pass on this very important and special message!!! Keep up the wonderful work!!

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