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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6



DR. Jona Bargur

A moment after the outbreak of the war it is our duty to stop it; to act for an immediate cease fire in spite of the fact that THEY are to be blamed, since they do not play according to our rules; their rules are to fire missiles into kindergartens, towards city centers and to open fields.

Our rules are operating with airstrikes and focused eliminations. They are not scared and we do not surrender. In light of these circumstances we inform the crowds, who assemble in front of the doors of the children Hanukkah festivals, that we are determined to execute "a military operation that will destroy them, once and for all ". As if there is an operation of this kind. Therefore there is a need to raise our voice and shout: There is no purpose and there is no hope in this war, that is about to swallow us by the flames of bereavement; there is no purpose to the mutual annihilation and to the approaching silence of death afterwards.
Yes, I have not experienced missiles and rockets falling on my home roof, destroying my property and spill my blood. I live a neighborhood where protection of buildings is not required, contrary to settlements enveloping the city of Gaza. And yet, I must raise my voice and utter my outcry to try, just one moment after the outbreak of this war, which already took the lives of over 200 victims, and shout: Stop! Let go! This is the duty of a bereaved father, who reports, every week, within the last dozen years, at the grave of his son, in the military cemetery Kiryat Shaul and who is experienced with the feelings of bereavement and loss which have no cure, what so ever.
War is not a solution. Air strikes are not welcome greetings. Occupation does not create a better future. Hundreds or thousands, whose lives are, suddenly, terminated, are not worth the satisfaction of feelings of the vengeance; the feelings of anger and hostility of residents of the Gaza Envelope, who live, now for years, with the Kassams, the missiles and the tunnels. It is obvious to all of us that the price well pay for the attack in Gaza, as successful it will be, will not promise us peacefulness and relaxation.
This war is not the solution but rather the alibi to the loss of rationality to surrendering to the inciting voices; to the impossible hope absorbed in the blood of our children. On these days of Hanukkah, when the few won the many, the weak vanquished the strong, and the popular resistance broke the army of the enemy, we have to ask, ourselves, if this can not happen also today, when this time we will be the strong, but crashed party?
Since, even if we will win militarily, it will result in a clear loss. We will count dead; we will hospitalize our casualties; we will bury our fallen soldiers and proclaim another Memorial Day.
We continue to be pumped to the killing, to the annihilations, to the wars. We are busy instigating the feelings of vengeance and hatred; the inflaming of impulses, between the shows of horror of the ministers of the state and generals of the Israeli army and the Palestinian resistance, and between the sad sounds from Sderot and Gaza; from the Gaza Envelope and Jebalya; from Beit Hanoun and the Western Negev. In the same time we are turning a deaf ear to the weeping, bereaved of mothers; to the anxieties of worried fathers; to the fears of boys and girls and to the frustration of parents whose son was kidnapped and is kept, for over for 900 days, in the captivity.
We, Israelis and Palestinians, are nations of the shadows that survive between Kassam and missile; between suicide bombers on behalf of the Palestinian target and the volunteers to the special units of combat of IDF; between their killed children and our killed children; between bereavement due to a suicide attack in a restaurant in Tel Aviv and between focused air strikes in the streets Gaza. We and they stopped hoping. With these games of the war " we will never arrive to the finishing line ; every Finish at our place is a  new Beginning of a new war and those who lost the battle do not return home but rather are lead to the cemetery.
For sure there does exist a different way except for another war and another WAR and ANOTHER WAR. It should be possible to act differently. IT WILL NOT END UNTIL WE WILL TALK. Talk with the Hammas! Negotiate with the devil himself! Stop to boast about the corpses of the policemen in the bombed station in Gaza. Stop the planes and the helicopters. Give us a different option, other than the one of pressing on the trigger and igniting the fuse of the flame.

DR. Jona Bargur, The Parents Circle-The Forum of Israeli and Palestinian Bereaved Families for Peace, Reconciliation and Tolerance


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