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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

Support our work, Buy these items

GlassBeads: Distinctive , Iindividual works of Art, created by Nirit Dekel an Israeli glass bead artist of world renown.
Nirit chose 4 beads from her collection which most represent our message of reconciliation. The black and white glass beads form either a pendant or a broach and are designed with a sense of fragility and beauty. The circular beads forming not quite a complete circle, indicate the break in the cycle of violence.

There is a bead in the shape of a delicate cup, representing the hope of reconciliation , and a round white bead with decorative lines, illustrating the multiple pathways to peace.

All the beads are made in the traditional lampworking technique. Nirit says, "Making a series of matching beads is always a ritual. when it is done well, it becomes a meditation".

Each of these beautiful works can be purchased for $40. The proceeds will go towards our education efforts with Israeli and Palestinian youth.

You can also order the GlassBeads at: office@theparentscircle.org
Our friends in the U.K. can order the GlassBeads at: info@FamiliesForum.co.uk

When ordering these unique beads please indicate your preference

Cartooning in Conflict - Calender  2009/2010
Some of the world's most famous cartoonists, many of whom have won the "Pulitzer" and other prestigious awards have contributed their works. The calendar displays the Moslem, Jewish, Druze and Christian holidays. All the funds from the sale of the above will go towards the education project in Israeli and Palestinian schools. The calendar starts in September 2009 and runs until December, 2010. This will make an ideal gift.
Curator: Michel Kichka
Cartoonists from China, Cuba, Australia ,United Kingdom, Russia, France, Belgium, South Africa, U.S.A., Japan, Mexico, Turkey, Israel and Palestine contributed to this unique calendar.
You can also order the Calendar at: office@theparentscircle.org

Bowls from "Offering Reconciliation" exhibit
The "Offering Conciliation" Project, initiated by the Israeli Friends of the Family Forum presents to the public at large, the idea of reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians through Art. Orna Tamir-Schestowits, a true friend, who initiated the Friends of the Forum, designed a large size clay bowl naming it the "Bowl of Reconciliation". 135 Israeli and Palestinian artists, sculptors and photographers created from this bowl (the common, unifying and connecting denominator) their interpretation of the intrinsic values of reconciliation: Each embarked on a personal journey of the reconciliation narrative of coexistence, pain, loss, fracture and fusion. Each one presents a unique offering of reconciliation, of peace and hope, Art instead of hostility.